A Wild Dryad ~ Staff

We are a small company but growing. The past years have brought about many changes and we look forward to even more as we partner with others to bring about the shifts and changes needed to assist others in their path to self empowerment.


If you are interested in partnering with us, class work or private readings, please contact us via email and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less. 

Grace Sequoia

Grace hails from the Bay Area, but calls the NW her home. She is the owner of A WILD DRYAD, and a retired CFE.

Her credentials include:

  • Psychic work under a respected Bay Area psychic.

  • In the NW she was accepted and learned from ’O Kana‘iaupuni Iwi'ula (Aupuni), who is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), and is the founder of the KALAMA Foundation and the Kumu (teaher) of Halau O Limaloa. 

  • Shamanic studies include private mentoring under Julie-Charette-Nuun, local Shamanic Herbalist, trained under Susan Weed. Find Julie under CrowsDaughter. 

  • Private Mentorship in Qabbalistic Tarot and Esoterics.

  • Her personal studies include but not limited to: Astrology, Numerology, Energy Healing, Cymatics, Mythology, and other intuitive sciences.

  • She is a member of the ATA (American Tarot Association).

Mother Earth

I work closely with the Earth. And as an incarnated Dryad, I have a close relationship with and dedication to bridging us back to our roots; our divine connection with Earth. Source gave us a wondrous world to learn and expand our consciousness, and the Earth the organic matter for our temples; the body. In partnership with her, we can better understand the power of form and why Source gave us this world to experience.

Loli - In Memorium

Loli visited the fairs and shared her natural energy balancing gifts to all who connected with her. She continues to be felt at the fairs to this day. She especially enjoyed visiting with  Janine-Oates-Almquist, of Wet Nosed Wisdom. Loli is included here as a 'spirited' staff member.

Meet Ray ~ or Reiki-Rei as we all affectionally call him. Ray is a Reiki Master who on occasion grants us a visual sighting of his healing presence.

He likes to help the fair healers and vendors with grounding, clearing and some witty banter. 

With gentle nudging, he will be spotted at more fairs helping staff and fair healer/vendors in 2018!

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