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A Wild Dryad ~ 

A WILD DRYAD has been around since 2013 and has grown from offering tarot readings and classes, to become a unique source for tarot knowledge, intuitive games and whimsical artistry items. Over the past decade, she has spoken and vended at the North West Tarot Symposium, enjoyed sharing on a couple of radio broadcasts, written a complex 21-card tarot spread focused on the health and wellness of the body as seen by the cards, authored a series of tarot spreads for teaching and mentoring on enhancing intuition. She has offered readings and mentoring at many fairs within Washington, and was a regular reader at VisionQuest in Everett.


During the pandemic Grace survived an NDE and cancer. This down time and experience gave her an insight into where we are heading and a new tarot deck was intuited. During the year of 2022, Grace delved deeper and focused on what it means to rise to the challenge of ascending the physical with the spiritual using tarot. Like any journey that asks us to dive deeper and adjust to new life experiences, she was shown tarot needed to offer a new way to bridge and weave all the new energetic experiences over the next few years. As each of us are being presented with areas in need of healing, releasing of old paradigms and systems, embracing our forgotten authenticity or buried sense of self, tarot can pull back the veils to journey deeper into what it means to be divinely human and discover the potency of personal choice as it relates to the cause and effect of our life experience.

This website, A WILD DRYAD, has been revamped to include this new focus and help encourage others. Together with THE DECLARATIVE TAROT DECK site, and upcoming new artistry under the page of THE ART OF GRACE, she hopes to inspire healing and self-discovery through intuitive art and other offerings. Grace hopes to inspire others to stand tall within themselves - with some added whimsy. 


Grace Sequoia
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