Our Projects ~ Fairs, Classes, Events & More

The cards say 2018 will be a fun but busy year of activity for A Wild Dryad. We will be adding fairs, classes and partnering with other amazing organizations during the year. Keep in touch to discover new and fun opportunities to assist us, learn with us, or partner with us in the near future! 

Project 1: Fairs & Classes ~ 

NW Psychic Fairs ~ Here is the link to the web page with the dates, location and times for each of the fairs. I read at each fair regularly unless I am vending or attending a conference or fair in another location. If you wish to confirm, please email me for details.


We will continue to offer classes in esoteric studies as it relates to tarot and Self Discovery ~ Qabbalah, Cymatics, Intuition, Tarot and Crone wisdom of the Earth. Currently these are being held at Vision Quest Bookstore in Everett.

We currently offer out of our Lynnwood location:

2nd Sunday of each month ~

Qabbalah for fun and learning; ongoing and open to all.

$25/class and goes from 11:00 to 1:00.

RSVP/questions to awilddryad@gmail.com

4th Tuesday of each month ~

Tarot for Today, learning and practice

@25/class, open to all levels & is 7-9pm

RSVP/questions to awilddryad@gmail.com

Project 2 ~ Completed!
The Practitioner''s Spread

This Tarot spread was launched at the 2019 NW Tarot Symposium! This spread was gifted by Spirit in 2014 and took years to be tested and prepared for sharing and taught to all interested. Its purpose it to show how our life choices - thoughts, emotions & habits - impact the body; a psychosomatic response. We will be publishing this for purchase and increasing classes for practitioners, readers and tarot enthusiasts.

  • 21-card spread offering 7 layers of awareness (systems & body regions), including the ability to compare and journal observations

  • Designed as a visual-aid/dialogue tool for practitioner's clientele 

  • Adaptable for continued tracking of client cause and effect life changes

  • 60+ page workbook for study and practitioner use

  • A smaller booklet for personal use and traveling

Project 3: Tarot Deck Artistry

A Wild Dryad has been working on the artwork for a new tarot deck. Through continued research, partnering with others of various modalities, we look forward to continuing this project with the aim of creating a prototype in the near future. Stay Tuned!