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Go Deep ~ Dive In ~ Learn Tarot as a Healing Tool

A powerful, visual aid in understanding the "cause and effect of personal life choices" on the body.
~ The Power of the
Practitioner's Spread ~

  • Heal your body through Self-Knowledge

  • Help clients build greater body-awareness

  • Create healthy life patterns by identifying 

        current life pattern impact on the body

The Practitioner's Spread

The Practitioner's Spread is a unique tool for practitioners to add to their tool belt; it works with any modality.  It is a multi-level visual tool to work with your client to address ongoing behaviors, and help you to empower them to own their health care and well being.


Gifted by Spirit, channeled through a collective consciousness named Simon of Egypt, this spread is 21- cards, with up to 7 read levels. It addresses the inner and outer personality expression, mind-heart-body flow (psycho-somatic), the System Matrix energy flows which you then note the correspondences to the body Regional Matrix. 


This course can be taught in sessions or over a weekend. The depth of its potential lies in the depth of the practitioner's knowledge of tarot coupled with the expertise of their modality of choice.  The workbook is designed for you to take notes. There are forms provided to copy for your use, or adapt as needed to archive in your client files and document each session and the ongoing progression of each client.

This class cannot be taught under and hour. We suggest the following:

  • 1-2 hour class for fun and to learn the spread. 

  • 2-4 hour class/workshop for intro, fast walk through and one self reading; class size is best at 6-8, no more.

  • 6-8 hour workshop for intro, more detailed instruction and walk through personal readings, and after session on applying to modality of choice.


    • ​1-2 hrs ~ Basic fun learn​, discussion only
      • $45/student, comes with spread booklet 6 pages only​
    • 2-4 hrs ~ Getting to Know the Spread

      • $85/student, includes workbook and complimentary 20 minute personal Q&A within 10 days of class.​

    • 6-8 hrs ~ Physician's Spread Intense​

      • $150/student, includes workbook, walking through self-read in class, modality adaption discussion, complimentary 20 minute personal Q&A within 10 days of class.​

    • Advanced Work ~ ​

      • Personal instruction is available. Contact us for details.​

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